Tattoo ideas for 4 best friends?

My best friends and I have been friends for over 8 years, we're a group of four, and we're inserperable and do everything together. We want to get a tattoo, but we're not exactly sure what we should get, we really want to get matching ones or similar ones. Any ideas?


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  • Cute elephant, orca, lions, wolf, dolphin, chimps etc... But cute ones. Because those animals have very tight social groups and stay friends and look out for each other and shit. They're really good friends/family within their groups.

    • I like that idea, I'm going to look more in to it with them😊

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    • These are super cute meanings !

    • Thanks for mh

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  • It's really cool that you all have been friends for so long and are so close. :) If your initials put together spell out anything cool, you could do that if you're looking for something small. You could design or find a logo, or you could all get a similar animal or something. I think you should talk to your friends about it, though It feels like this is something really personal and cool and you all should decide together

    • I like the initials one!
      We're at a dead on, we have some ideas but we're not completely sold so I was just curious if there was any good ideas out there.

    • Makes sense! Well I hope you figure something out that you're all happy with. :)

    • Thanks !!😊

  • Just wait a bit till at least you're 18 and over, you guys should be the only ones to come up with them in the end.

    • We're turning 18 soon and can't agree on what to get that's why I asked.

      But thanks for the advice😊

  • pizza slices that when you put your wrists together make a full circle

    • True genius right there

    • lol thanks

      or if all 4 of you have an inside joke try to turn it into a tattoo.
      for instance if all of you are staight except one of you, the straight ones get rainbows and the gay one gets a cloud (like the cloud on the bottom of the rainbow type of thing)
      or each of you can get the other 3's first initial

  • Get puzzle pieces that go together

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