How do you get a guy to notice you without looking slutty or being all over him?

I want to attract a dude's attention without being all over him. A lot of girls do that and I want to stand out in the crowd of girls.


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  • You have to be a least a little touchy, but otherwise I agree with amy if she doesn't notice you for being you then it probably wouldn't work out anyway, but you never know show enough attention and things can happen, you don't have to be all over him that gennerally doesn't work and gives us the impression you easy, but some guys do prefer that, for example you could get friendly with him, then when you see him you smile say high wave or something and give him a hug and walk away, you showed affection but you didn't have to be all over him, after a lot of these types of things it can make you stand out. and if he doesn't notice than he's not into you,


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, I'd personally be myself. If he doens't notice you being you, he's unfortunatly probably not into you. That's just my personal opinion (: