Can you guys help me design my room?

Hellooooooo. Well, i've had the same exact room for my entire life and most of the furniture is fom my late grandma, yup. There's literally chicken lamps in my room, a flamingo table, and unmatching night stands, it gets worse but I won't go into it lmao.
Sooooooooooo, if you guys could help me set up a particular style, send some furniture links? :))
It can actually be pricy bc my mom just won the lottery (lmao jk) but i don't mind, i'm not looking to buy anything just ideas, so if you see something you think looks fab and its 1 mil still hit me up.

Can you guys help me design my room?
^I also bought this sign from Brandy melville but its shipping. So its following the same theme.
When we were in Hawaii we bought those 3 pictures from a professional photographer, so I want to get into a beachy theme like that, So a rustic-beach theme? I've decided to paint the walls a tope-grey color, its really sophisticated.

But ok, here's where it gets confusing and bear with me, i'm also into another style.. here's the idea:

So see, this one is a different theme, with metallics and pinks and kind of a vogue, style-savvy feel. So first off, which one do you like better: beach rustic or the fashionista? And please give me pieces of furniture that matches the room theme you like! THANKS A BUNCH.


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  • It will be easier and probably cheaper to do the beach design. Plus, you're pretty young, so have fun and go more the more cozy laid back one :)

    Pinterest is the way to go.

    • Yasss i've gotten so much inspiration for my room on there, so its inspired me to have an urban cozy feel like you said to the beach rustic design.

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    • pretty good haha :P Its just taking a while

    • I understand that, haha

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  • Chicken lamps like these?
    I see no problem, those are great :D

    I always think I'd have one of these in my room if I was a girl
    My sister has one, I think they're really funky :)
    ^another "if I was a girl" thing.

    • Gah I should have added a picture and no its like hmm... how do u ok... so its like a regular lamp amirite? so think of a lamp as a tree. that cover part at the top shaped like a triangle almost is the leaves and well the tall narrow part is the bark, ok ok? Well the bark is a chicken, and then its a regular lamp from there. And yas I want one of those O: i was thinking of these rocks they sell, but they glow, but I like the bottle better. And the alice thing is really cool too

  • The babe sign thing is nice. Go with the beach theme and go with a blue paint in your room. I like the last pictures to.

  • IKEA works wonders for this sort of thing, or so I hear.

    I wish I could just design a room completely from IKEA stuff.

    • The stuff is priced really cheap there!!! And the quality isn't too horrible either.

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