What is the sexiest piece of woman's clothing?

  • Bra
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  • Panties
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  • Garters/hose
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  • Heels/boots
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  • Accessories (jewelry/scarves/hats)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My husband just saw this question and, without hesitation, declared that the wedding dress button was missing.


    We win at life.

    • Tell him I say hi!!! Oh please please tell him hello for me!! I've heard so much about him I feel like I know him LOL
      (But don't make me sound creepy)

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    • @ScarletteFox_Red @redeyemindtricks
      "A day with you two?" Now that's worthy of a myTake!!

    • @ScarletteFox_Red The line, it is long. Even if we were leisure-class brats, that boy'd have a full dance card for a long, long time.

      Oh, and, lemme tell ya, speaking of dance. The way that boy can MOVE, sweet Jesus Christ child. Fast, smooth, ruthless.

      The fast part, especially. Y'all know smooth operators, and boys who can dance, but. But.
      Ever seen those old Looney Tunes, where there's a half-second or so of cloudy blurriness and then *poof* someone's hogtied, just like that? Uh, yeah.
      One second, I'm giving him that I-dare-you side-eye. The next second, holy shit, I'm suddenly over his knee, with one of his hands wrenching my arms behind my back and the other gripping my hair, throat or bottom teeth. How the hell that boy press the pause button like that?

      Same thing the few times I seen the boy get into fights. He gives 'em an out, even (that "ya SURE?" look)... but, when it's on, it's over, scary fast.

      I'll letcha cut a few spots if you can bribe us with sitter services, LOL.

Most Helpful Guy

  • To me it's a turn on when she wears garter belt stockings... probably because in Belgium (probably even in Europe) they're rare so the one girl who'll wear them to me will catch my full attention :D


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What Girls Said 3

  • A scarf!!!

  • A well fitted dress. If the woman doesn't like dresses, then a nice fitted pant.

  • I think panties or bra

    • What about man's? :D

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    • Girls did you like the taste of yourself? :D

What Guys Said 3

  • I agree with fitted dress mentioned on comments

  • They are d/f for d/f women, like cameron Diaz looks sexy in Bikini but taylor look stupid so I think it matter.

  • I dislike all of the above, I prefer girls who wear sporty and/or casual clothes (jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tank-tops, sweatpants, crop-tops, socks & sneakers etc).