How can I prevent my hair from matting up and tangling all the time?

I have African American coarse textured hair

I got a relaxer last year and I can not afford to get another one and I do not like getting relaxers all the time because I have seen a lot of African American women who get relaxers with thinned out edges and short hair

My hair is medium length and my hair is matted in the back

I want to flat iron it but when I use to do that it would just revert back to natural hair and my roots would get curly again because of my natural hair texture.

And if I straighten it a lot I will get heat damage

Only my ends are still relaxed but it's growing out

My mom doesn't even want to straighten it because she says it's too much hair

I don't know how to cornrows my own hair

And I'm unemployed so I can't get a relaxer or get extensions


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  • Honey,

    Natural is the way to go embrace your curls. Embracing your curls rather than pushing them away allows them to flow and less mating.
    Do you wear a silk cap or scarf when you sleep that helps a lot.

    If you prefer to wear your hair straight I'd say go with a Dominican blow out. Your hair will stay straight for a month as long as you don't get it wet.

    If your looking for something longer lasting (a bit pricey ranging 100-200$) I'd say getting the keratin treatment done. It keeps your hair straight for 6 months to a year. Even when you wash it your hair is still straight.

    If I was you I would stay far away from perms. Perms are the worst thing you could do to your hair. Mess up your texture. Mess with your edges, breakage. Chemicals altogether are not good for your hair.

    I would say just go natural. It's the cheapest route but it's work and your hair will love you for it.

    • I wear a silk bonnet but my hair has some knots and tangles in it. Thanks for the advice, I don't like straightening my real hair a lot

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    • Now there's something called croquet braids. You can get straight hairx curly hair, pretty twisted braids or twist. I get them ALL the time cheaper than a weave and less time. Maybe that will benefit you

    • I tried to wear a wig over my head but since I don't know how to cornrow I could never get it to lay flat on my hair

      I tried to learn how to cornrow but i never learned

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  • You can try using argan oil every time you blow dry it.

    • My hair is natural so I do not blow dry it unless I plan on straightening it.