What color nail polish do you think looks best on a girl?

Do yo like when girls wear really dark nail polish or would you prefer her to wear something that looks natural?


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  • I think dramatic colours like red and black look hot because it makes a girls hands stand out and shows she's made an effort. However, natural pinks and subtle tones can also be pulled off, it all depends on what statement you want to make and what style clothes you wear. Good luck(:


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  • I always notice a girl's nails (eventually), because I like well groomed girls.

    A really neat manicure is most important, next comes the colour.

    I prefer French manicures, and light pink, peach and neutral colours because they are more feminine.

    Not so much natural (like clear) - just feminine colours.

    A distant second is red.

    Nice nails rock! Dan

  • Natural.


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