Looks vs. Personality?

OK so there is this guy that I've always been friends and in high school he was one of the popular guys. He's cute, and good looking. It's his personality that really makes him more attractive.

He started dating this pretty girl. She wasn't "model" pretty but still I think most guys would think she's attractive. She's a bitch though; immature, dramatic, you get it. But she too was part of that popular crowd.

Then you have me. I get compliments on my look but I'm more of the girl next door, not so much pretty but as a friend said once -- adorable.

I have dated this guy before but it was never serious. He broke up with that "pretty" girl and every time I see her or whatever I automatically think that he's not going to want me because I'm not the definition of gorgeous like her.

Like I said before, he's just a cute, good looking guy. But after dating a girl that is obviously pretty do you think he'd really be attracted to just the cute, girl next door?

I mean me and this girl are completely opposite. She's tall, I'm short. She has blonde hair, I have brown hair.


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  • Your short and you have brown hair That's much sexier and cuter then the blond tall dramatic immature bitch!

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