Is it a good idea 2 use an Overnight Bag as a Handbag? Fashionable or just plain out tacky?

I've been wanting a larger Handbag 4 a while now cause I carry so much stuff and the small handbag I have is so small to fit all my stuff in that I actually have 2 leave stuff out that I need! I struggle every time trying 2 open the Bag and pull stuff out cause everything is all shoved in tight with barely any space to the point that the Bag almost won't even close shut! I've been wanting 2 get a larger Handbag 4 a while now 2 solve the problem and have more space and I finally found a Bag at a Thrift Store that I fell in love with and thought was perfect at the time and got it on impulse without even thinking and realized that it is actually an Overnight Bag, not a Handbag, but I love it so much? What's everyone think? Is it ok 2 use an Overnight Bag as a Handbag or not? Fashionable, stylish, trendy, or is it just plain out tacky and not meant 2 b worn out as a Handbag? Good idea or bad idea? What's everyone think?


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  • Personally, I wouldn't use a handbag as an overnight bag.

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