Why is he still looking for me?

OK no long ago I broke up with my boyfriend we were together for awhile until he cheated on me, anyways I made it clear it was over and done. not only he cheated on my but he also humiliated me like not one did, I really loved the guy we even made plans for the future etc. well the whole break-up thing really hurt me I'm trying to live my life and be happy as I was, nonetheless he keeps looking for me, calling, text, visiting, etc. I don't call him, I don't sleep with him, I don't kiss him and yet he is still here. Now everything is just so painful for me, because he doesn't get it that it just hurts. to make matters worse by random chance I learned who is the girl he fuc**** several times, and I know her. The whole deal just made me so mad and angry, now all I have is a very angry feeling I just want him to leave me alone so I could live my life. I been very rude, bitchy and mean why is he still here?


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  • sounds like he needs some tough love.

  • Are you from Sacramento?

    • Very close..

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    • Not at all more to the north few hours but I'm not from sac at all...

    • =( ok. I was hoping you were someone I was looking for. I'm in the same boat from the man's point of view. Onto your question. I hope you can examine your past relationship with this man. Make a list of all the good things and all the bad things. We are humans and we make mistakes. As long as he was not abusive or did not do drugs. I'm sure he is aware of how valuable you are to him now.

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