My jeggings fold and stack?

So I've been wearing my jeggings for the past few weeks regularly now, and they appear to stack and fold like I guess leggings would.

This only seems to be when I walk, you can se it really badly. Any advice would be appreciated.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Buy another pair. Probably smaller ones would fit better.

    • A smaller pair would be too tight on my waist and crotch, a larger pair is too baggy on the waist :/

What Guys Said 1

  • You're wearing Jeggins? They are for Homosexuals. If you wore them in the uk you would get ridiculed mercilessly and you'd never be able to show your face again.
    Stop wearing them right now, they are for women.

    • Considering I have a girlfriend, and I wear them in public, your opinion is false, grow the fuck up.

    • Why don't you grow up, buy some real man's clothes. What real adult man do you know that walks around in women's pants for fuck sake!! How far do you think you'll get in life wearing that shit.