Why are girls turned off by a guy wearing a sockhat?

If anything it is sexy.


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  • maybe because its foriegn to them . . .

    Can I get a picture of the sockhat in question?

    • It's just one with a ball on top.

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    • Lol I thought I actually meant a really large sock that you wore as a hat :S haha beanies are cool though

    • Thought you should know, I ACTUALLY saw a dude with two socks sewn together and worn as a hat this week!! they're out there :O lol

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  • Well maybe you just don't look good in one.. They might not be turned off by them altogether just maybe wearing one doesn't really suit you? Idk.

  • wtf is a sockhat?!

    • Ya know, one of those socks that you put on your head.

    • ANYTHING beginning with the word "SOCK" probably shouldn't be on your head. In my opinion, I don't care how "in style" it is,....if it dosen't look good on YOU, then you probably shouldn't wear it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, don't ask why girls are turned off by it, because every girl has different taste. But one word of advice from me, don't ever change your style for a girl, because you come off insecure and less confident. Keep whatever style you like, because there will ALWAYS be girls who either like it or dislike it. You will get far much more attention from girls if you stick to your own particular style rather than change it. So wear your sockhat and be cool. Good luck!

    • That's fine and well, and I understand what you are saying, but on the other hand, one should NEVER and I mean N E V E R encourage bad style habits. Just look what happened with spandex in the 80's! One person wore it and it MAY have looked good (the girl from Flashdance), but then people who should have steered clear of that trend DIDN'T, and now we have people who could afford to lose a few STILL wearing spandex and not getting the clue as to how ridiculous they look - human burritos!!!

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