What suit is more 'suited' to a summer wedding, or wedding in general?

Well guys/Girls. I've going to a wedding late July. The wedding is for my first cousin once removed (I don't get that either) but I don't really own a wedding suit. Only a funeral one that i'd rather just keep for funerals.

Anyway. I'm going to get a new suit for this wedding, and for interviews in general as i've a very important one near the same time as the wedding.

So my choices are

This Donegal navy 3 peice + plus the boots/shoes
What suit is more 'suited' to a summer wedding, or wedding in general?Or this Donegal Grey 3 peice

My own opinions is that they both look great. And the 3-peice is classy af. The tradition suites don't really peak my interest but these do. Especially the material and 3 peice.

I'm thinking towards grey. But might just go navy as i've that important interview (military) near the same time and thought navy would be more respectful that the grey.

So what do you girls and guys think?

P. S Please answer poll and leave your opinion, I'll read them all.

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  • I'm more attracted to the grey one + the boots from the first pic.

    Also, if it's in the Summer - maybe something of a lighter fabric might help you out more.

  • The grey looks good for Summer, Because it's a liter color which lite colors always look good for summer.
    The Navy Blue looks good but I would think that for more a winter wedding


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