Does anyone now of a good hair gel wax type thing that doesn't make your hair all hard and crusty?

I want to have that sort of out the shower look but I don't want my hair to be crusty and I want it to stay flexible. Any hel will be appreciated.
Also I don't care if it's a female hair care product. I use to straighten my hair so that type of gender boundaries bs has never bothered me


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  • I have short hair and style it often. I use a texturizing pomade and it leaves it soft and flexible. It is called Got2b (I use the playful), but they have others, depending on the style you are looking for. I definitely suggest the cream pomade rather than gel or paste, though.

    • Thank that's exactly what I'm looking for

    • You're welcome! It took me some trial and error. I will not buy anything else for my hair now. It is not that expensive either. It's usually around $5-7 in the grocery store.

  • Don't use mousse. That crunches the hair. According to this link, use a cream.


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