Does this girl have a crush on me?

There's this girl in one of my classes that sits directly across the room from me (our chairs make a horseshoe, so she faces me) She's older then me, 22. During class though, she seems kind of anxious for some reason and I catch her looking at me a lot and then she will go on biting her nails then stare at me again. Whenever the teachers talking and I'm staring at him, ill occasionally turn and see that she's looking at me, or she isn't but then we make eye contact for a few seconds. Think there is something there or just a weird coincidence that we keep looking the same way? lol

haha well I appreciate the answers. You don't think the age difference matters right? I know girls want a guy their age, or older. I am 19 and she's 22.


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  • I've been in that exact situation... when he finally asked me out it was amazing!

    would you like to go out with her?

    if you do then it might be a very good sign and you can defiantly go for it.

    if you don't who cares what she feels? and try not to encourage her...


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  • Have you ever talked to her,even just a "hello"? You might get a better idea if you had more to work with here, but it does sound to me that she may indeed have a crush. She must think you're pretty good looking to be staring at you so their any chemistry when you two lock eyes? She might be waiting for you to give her a wink...of course she might chew her whole hand off if you do that. lol

  • If you're interested in her, make your move and see if she is receptive. I think girls rate men on their maturity level more than they do age. Be a gentleman and treat her well, how could she have a problem with that?!


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