Socially awkward guy meets a girl at a party? Should I follow up?

So I need a bit of advice on a bit of a strange subject. Last weekend I went to a house rave and was dancing around a bit before going upstairs (I was on ecstasy, and wanted to make sure I was drinking enough water), when I met this girl. She wasn't on ex and didn't seem that impaired by alcohol (although she must have had some- I don't think anyone that wasn't on something could have stood the environment). Now, she and I went down later, started dancing, etc. before the cops came. I offered to help walk her home because I was in that direction already, and she said sure, but that she had to wait for her friend. So yeah, I walked her most of the way with her friend, before she was like "I'm going this way" and I was like ok. Before she left, I asked for her number, and after pausing, she said sure and we exchanged numbers.

Now, I'm a fairly socially awkward person and she was an extremely attractive girl who seemed like a very interesting person (maybe it was the drugs that were talking). I am not bad looking, but I do look very young for my age and I am an extremely awkward even when I am not impaired in any way whatsoever. I go to a very prestigious tech school on the east coast and most of the time I have a lot of trouble connecting with other people (normally this doesn't bother me, as I prefer the predictable behavior of computer programming and math, but I am feeling a bit sexually frustrated). So I have been thinking about it the past 2 days- the night I went to this party was the best night I have ever experienced minus one, so it has been kind of hard not to think about it whether I want to ask her if she wants to go out on Friday night to a party or something. She seemed bored more than anything when I first met her, which is making me more nervous than anything else. Any advice?


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  • I agree with patpat64, ask her out to a more intimate setting. Make the conversation about her, ask her lots of questions and keep her talking. Women love to talk and love men that "listen". Also, be confident. Women are usually far more attracted to confidence then to looks.

  • Do it! But if you want to get into a more serious relationship I would follow up on a dinner date or movie because a party is a very social event and that could just cause her to wander to other less " socially awkward" men.

    Also with help on being less awkward try to read her body actions and find out about her life style

    if you go to a dinner date then try talking about her and remember your "oohhs" "awwhhs" and gasps! When she's telling a story