I'm tired of being cold all day! Can you help me choose my outfit tomorrow?

I will wear whatever you say, promise! Just make sure I'm very warm! Thanks!


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  • As a winter time backpacker I wear a light base layer then on top of that midweight fleece top and bottoms. If it windy or raining I then wear waterproof breathable hardshell over that. I wear a liner glove then a shell glove over those and a liner sock with a heavyweight wool outer sock and I wear a wool beanie


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  • Fashionable and warm?
    Sweater, jeans, leg warmer socks, and boots! Maybe a beanie too :)

    • Frankly, I'm ready to throw fashion out the window, I think I'll need to wear more than that to be warm tomorrow!!

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  • Several thin layers are better then one thick, wool is the best, one layer to remove sweat from your body, one layer to insulate (wool) and one layer of wind and water prof to well, wool cap/hat, some good boots not to tight so you can wear thick wool socks, glows that are wind and water prof. if you are still cold ad more of insulate clothing. eat hot food if you can and drink hot drinks. if you do this you can survive in the Arctic, I do

  • Minus 100 rated boots snow pants long underwear jeans 2 sweaters a winter jacket a ski mask and minus 60 mitts

    • Ok I have long underwear, jeans, and snowpants. I can do that :)
      2 sweaters is easy, winter jacket check, and I don't have a ski mask, but I have a beanie and neckwarmer, would that count?

    • Depends how cold it is

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