Can you advice me on makeup?

I don't know much about makeup, so anyways I recently bought the Mac prep+prime spf 35 Bb cream, so now I think I need to buy other things too. How is the mac prep + prime natural radiance primer? I have heard its good but many people say you get acne also because of it, should I buy this primer? Is Mac mineralize concealer and mac studio fix compact powder plus foundation NC40 good? I need it like for daily wear and party wear. So like first I will apply the primer for it to be smooth and that the makeup stays for longer and then I will apply the bb cream and then the concealer and then the compact powder.

Is this alright, like the products to apply and are they good?
Is a primer important?


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  • When it comes to makeup, you shouldn't stick to one brand. It's not because mac is expensive that they necessarily have the best product. You should look at youtube video.
    Usually, you apply your moister first. then a prime (some don't think it's that important and it's just a trend).
    Then a bb cream or a foundation, that's up to you. Then you can use some concealer if you want to, and that's mostly used for under eyes circles. Powered is best to used to avoid creasing.
    Makeup do not give acne. Obviously, you have to clean your face every night and clean your brushes but using makeup does not cause it

    • I saw these videos on YouTube that's why I am asking. Moister of which brand and do you think I need to buy a primer or no?

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    • So should I like buy a cheap primer? Basics like? I already have blush and bb cream, what else do I need to buy? A moister, conceal and compact powder and nothing else right?

    • I'm just saying that the price doesn't necessarily reflects the quality. Well you'll also need a blush

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  • You should really book in and have a session with a Mac makeup artist as they do in-store makeovers. Clearly you prefer Mac over brands but Bobbi Brown, Nars, Chanel, Tom Ford, Armani all do fantastic makeup. I note you use NC40 in Mac and all of the above brands (perhaps excepting Chanel) do shades for a richer skin tone which are excellent.

    If you have good skin, a BB cream is excellent. A primer is used to help your makeup last longer and to give your skin a nice even canvas. I don't know anything about the specific primer you mention as I use Smashbox.

    I do love Mac's Matchmaker foundation as the shades are great and it's very long-lasting and gives a great finish. Guerlain powder is one of my favourites and these two make a great combo.

    Makeup is a very personal voyage of discovery and it takes time to get to know what you like. There is an Irish brand in the UK called Gosh which I recently discovered and I absolutely love their lipgloss, lipsticks, powders and foundations.

    I hope you find what you like.

    • I know about Bobbi brown and all other brands. Obviously I prefer them more but aren't they more expensive than Mac too? And it's not like I am buying it with my money, it's my parents. So I don't want to spend that much, but if it's almost the same price then I better buy from Bobbi brown. Do you think I need to buy a primer?

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    • I am not going to buy a foundation cause I already have a bb cream and which is the best makeup remover?

    • I'm just going to buy a concealer and a compact powder. I found mac studio fix compact powder plus foundation NC40 nice because it's two in one but I still have to go there and try it. Are the Mac concealers good?

  • Go to and read the reviews. I heard that mac has good concealers and lipstics though, but it depends on your skin type which one is best for you. The bb cream acts as a primer, so you don't need a second one. So, in every day you can wear the BB cream only, and when you need more coverage, you put concealer and foundation over it.

  • YouTube!!! Look up things for your eyes. It saved my life! What color eyes do you have?

    How to tell if you're Warm skin tone or Cool skin tone... Look at your veins on your arms. If they have a greenish color, you're a Warm tone. If they are a more blue color, you're a Cool tone.

  • That is too much caking on your face. Stick with a simple basic: bb cream , you dont need more like concealer or foundation powder, otherwise your skin gets clogged abd congrsted with more acne. You said you will use it daily. Just keep it simple and affordable. You can go for another brand when buying primer. Mac is too pricey. Expensive doesn't mean better when your skin reacts to it by having a rash. I learnt that expensive lesson.

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