How can you like someone, and then quickly like someone else?

I met this guy two months ago, and we immediately clicked. We talked to each other on the phone everyday, and I became accustomed to hearing his voice every night.

I was very careful going into this relationship because considering my track record, I always end up hurting. He tells me that whenever he talks to me, he smiles so much that his jaws hurt. The more I talked to him, the more I felt a deep connection to him.

As I talk to him more, I figured out that he's kind of shallow. He always tells me about all these hot girls hitting on him and who he thought was really hot. Of course this annoyed me, who the heck wants to hear about other girls, especially, when he is in a relationship with me. I asked him, why do you talk about all these girls for, and he would say I just want to tell you about my day.

Anyways, the more he tells me about these "hot" girls, the more my self esteemed went down. Before him, I was pretty confident in how I look, and now I'm not so sure. So when he told me that he refuses to date anyone that is rated less than a five I got hurt, and told him, that maybe we should end this. He started crying, and told me that he didn't want to lose me, and that I was the best girl he met in years. I of course, fell for it, being the gullible person that I am, and I gave him another chance.

Throughout the next week though, I keep second guessing myself and he told me that all my good qualities tremendously over takes my bad qualities, and that he be a fool to let me go. That was the last time I felt like we still had a relationship.

The next weekend he was really busy with school work, and I gave him his space. But after that, I felt like thing changed. When I ask him about us, he simply ignores the question, or randomly changes the subject. I've even ask him why he stop talking to me on the phone.

Recently, I came to believe that he likes a new girl, and I'm pretty darn sure she made a move on him. I'm hurt and upset because I thought that what we had was important to him. He never even told me that we're broken up, he just simply ignore the whole situation. If he doesn't like me anymore, why won't he just give me closure, so that I can stop crying and being upset at myself, and wondering why things end the way it did.

My question is, if he felt the way he did about me, why did he suddenly like another girl? If he didn't like me as much, why would he tell me all these things that made me fall for him. I was content with being single, and was extremely careful not to be in the situation that I am now. At this moment, I'm completely broken, and not able to move on.

Any insight, would greatly help. Thnx.


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  • this guy is a hunter, and a patient one at that. he is the type of guy who likes to bring down your self esteem until you think your not good enough for anyone but him. he's gunna tell you about girls he met that he thinks are hot or hotter than you to make you insecure about yourself. eventually he will tell you your beautiful and how much he likes you and try to get in your pants. after that he will be an ass until he wants some more. I'm a guy and I know lots of guys like this and they keep a few girls like this around. in short my advice is stay away from this guy. if he doesn't care about what you have to say and blows off your concerns about your relationship after you have made yourself clear about them, he really really does not care. read that statement twice you and every girl reading this. some guys have a hard time saying their feelings but if they blatantly blow off the subject numerous times with no good excuse they do not care about you or the relationship.

    please find a new man, this guy does not love or like you personally. he is just looking for sex and he knows how to play with your emotions and get you to do what he wants. best of luck to you, this guy isn't worth your time.


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  • The first thing to do, is to breathe in, and breathe out. Do it slowly.

    The second thing to do is to realize you have been played.

    He never had feelings for you, that's why it was so easy for him to discuss other girls with you.

    However, he needed to appear like he was in a relationship to attract who it was he was after.

    Many girls always find guys that are unavailable to be more attractive then they would think if the guy was single.

    You don't need to be upset, you don't need to cry. This guy couldn't face you, because that would mean he would be facing how much of a jerk he is. That he has to use people to get what he wants, and that is the ability to use even more people.

    He would have to admit to himself that he has no compassion, and no decency, if he were to tell you that things were over.

    So move on strong, knowing that you are attractive, and that he is not worth your time. He doesn't deserve you and all that you offer.

  • Yup, this guy sounds like a player all right. Cos a guy who is content with his girl will NEVER look at any other person or think he needs anyone else! (really!)


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