First Impression Experiment?

OK, I just thought of trying this to see the reactions.

PLEASE NO FLAMING, I'm NOT attention seeking, I just thought this would be an interesting social experiment. OK...

LADIES: Looking at my picture in my profile, without reading any of it, just by the picture, answer me this...

If you just randomly walked by me in the mall or something, not knowing anything about me at all, what would be your first impression of me?

Just throw out whatever comes to mind, positive or negative, likes or dislikes, whatever you want. Have at it.


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  • Not intellectual, not college educated. Likes dumb humor. Is that the look you were going for?

    • I'm actually quite intellegent, have an IT degree, I do like dumb humor as well as smart humor. I guess then NO, that's not the look I was going for. I actually started dressing like this a couple years ago because I didn't think my usual look (dark clothes, kinda punk-rock-ish) was very appealing to girls. I guess I should start dressing like myself more, because looks like I'm giving off the wrong signals and probably attracting the wrong girls for me. Thanks for the insight.

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  • It would depend on how you carry yourself but you kinda look like a bro (frat boy) ie the backwards hat, the name brand clothing.

    • That's pretty interesting, because I'm not that at all. I'm actually a geek, play video games, and I work at a desk doing tech support for 8 hours a day.

  • omg ur really cute... can I get ur cell no.:P

    • Lol thanks. Your from the Philipines tho, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work out.

  • Bad boy, trouble maker etc.


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