Can someone show me some modest clothes with bust padding?

Why do all the padded bust clothes have such low necklines, backs out and skin showing? So ironic, the padding is for modesty, but none of such clothes are very modest in my opinion.

Some girls don't need to wear bras, but just need some padding to hide nipples. But most padded tops and dresses end up showing so much skin, you have to wear camis underneath and bolero tops on top. In the summer time its hot, and I don't feel like wearing extra clothes. Also, I don't want so much skin showing. Some tops have padding, but they're actually underwire bras (the horror). Shelf bras have no padding.

Does anybody have links for capped sleeve tops, with neckline about 2-3 fingers above boob cleavage with padding in the breast area, with no wires? I GUARANTEE YOU THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT EXIST. A money making idea, if I say so myself.

Does anybody have links for padded camisoles (spaghetti tops) with a straight neckline, padded bust, and petite length rather than tunic like covering your butt (so annoying stuffing all that extra fabric into pants).

I just want something comfortable, where I don't have to be afraid to bend over, my nipples aren't showing through, people aren't gawking at all the skin I have out, and I don't have to wear extra pieces or layers. At worst, I'll just have to tailor all my clothes-- have some lady sew breast pads into everything. Such a pain!!

This shirt actually has lightly lined cups, so maybe there's hope.


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  • I mean, I found this in literally 8 seconds of searching the internets

    That neckline still might be a bit low, for the specs you gave, but... 8 seconds. (:

    I have a girlfriend who wears this kind of stuff. She has a few tops that are exactly what yr describing, here. I can ask her what brands she usually goes for, if yr interested?

    Also, you might just want to sew in the pads yrself. As long as yr not putting the stitching all the way through to the front... you don't have to be that neat with it. LOL

    • Wow, even I'm impressed. The neckline is borderline, but it might be fine for my bust size. Did I forget to mention affordable? Lol, I guess high maintenance fashion is $$$. But you're so right--I should actually try sewing in pads. Thanks, you've been incredibly helpful!

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      Try this there are more on the page and I selected under 100.00

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  • My ex girlfriend got all of her padded bras at Victorias Secret. She was small breastfed and had 3 kids. Not being an expert on bras except for removing them wouldn't they stop your nipples from poking out while allowing you to wear what you want? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what your asking for but my man boobs don't have that problem.

    • Im not sure if this is meant for me... but I don't wear bras because they are constricting and uncomfortable. They also significantly increase risk of breast cancer.

      I merely want clothes with padded bust so I can hide nipples. That way, I dont have to wear a bra, but I'm still modest.

    • It was meant for you until I read your other post under girls and understood. I posted a blue Calvin Klein square neck more modest than the BeBe. 80.00 on 6pm. Com ignore through first post there I don't know how I screwed it up. Sorry about the misunderstanding I sachet square neck dresses under 100.00 and there where quite o few. Look under girls respond

    • AWww you're fine! I'm just so flattered that people are helping me. Thanks I liked the dress.

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  • Love how you dress in modesty i go to a church Hadassa where we women alk wear modest we have a website i love when women dress in modesty it stands out and it great to honor your body which is God's temple And girl you are right i couldn't find any with bust padding ever tried nipple stickers?

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