Why does he talk to everyone?

Why does it seem like the guy I like will talk to everyone but me? He used to when we had classes together last quarter. Now he just looks at me in the eyes. Well he hasn't done that the past 2 days. Is that a bad sign? Today I was waiting outside for my mom and I was standing if a group of about 4 people and then my other friend was standing in a group of about 4 people beside my group. He came out and started talking to her like they were best friends (they aren't) but didn't say a word to me. Why doe he do this? And is it bad he hasn't made eye contact with me for 2 days?


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  • Well, I've been in the EXACT same situation, except I was the guy in this scenario. I liked a girl and I'm really funny so I talked to everyone and people just naturally like to talk to me. I'm a pretty confident person (more like "very" confident), but I just couldn't bring myself to talk to her, because I really liked her. I also couldn't look her right in the eyes, I'd get embarrassed and turn away, but I still really liked her. So I'd do whatever I could, even if it meant talking to her friends, just to be able to look at her, but made sure it wasn't when she was looking back. Anyways, I found out we both liked each other, and we hooked up. So to answer your question, I'd definitely say it isn't a bad thing. If I were you, I'd try to bring up some casual conversation with him and see how he reacts.


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  • First of all that's not bad if its just 2 days

    second OMG that's like the same thing that happens to me. if you plugged in my name and his and mine and his 'bff' it would be my exact situation EXACTLY

    ppl say he likes me and I like him

    so I think he's trying to get close to your friends and talk to them b4 u, you know?

    pretty much what he's doing to me ;]

    • Haha thanks. Boys are so confusing:P