Girls, Gonna give my girlfriend some gym wear as a gift. Good idea? What style should I go for?

My girlfriend and I are going to start working out together, and are determined to get fit again. One thing I thought would help is to buy her some new workout clothes, to give her a little extra incentive to keep to our new routines.

Do you think that is too obvious? Would you girls read between the lines and think 'gymwear? he must think I could look better'?

And what should I buy? What do you like working out in?
She is a conservative dresser naturally (last seen working out in tshirt and long shorts) but I also want to encourage her to be more comfortable wearing things that show off her figure, and also to let her know that I really like her figure - even before she changes it. Body-wise, she is tall, a little overweight, hourglass-type figure.


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  • Oh man lol.

    I mean, yr a sweetheart, and you mean well, but... there's a lot of things that can go wrong, here.

    First, a lot of things just aren't gna be her style.

    Second, the wrong size could be bad, esp if she has mixed feelings about getting back in the gym. Obvs if you get her a size that's too big, that could just be all kids of oh hell no. LOL But if you get her a size that's too small, that could be demoralizing, too. It's complicated. For some girls, "dieting into a smaller size" is totally goals. For others, it's instant "fuck that" and back to the couch.

    Third, she might just have weird hang-ups with some stuff. I have girlfriends who have weirdly strong feelings about gym clothes, especially matching gym clothes. Some of them think you can't wear 2 pieces that match without being an evil hussy who's out to steal someone's husband. (LOL)

    Mb you could get her... a gift card? To a place that has activewear?

    If you know her tastes VERY well, you might be able to pull this off... but in that case you probably wouldn't be posting the q here.

    • haha yeah I realise I'm on slightly dangerous ground Gift card might work well... I'll do some shopping first and see if I can find anything that looks like her style - while keeping in mind those other factors you mentioned. Sizing might be interesting! Anyway, thanks for the help :)

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  • Definitely good idea, only if she likes it though lol. Gym wear can be super cute, not every girl wants to work out in over sized shirts and sweats. get her some 3/4 gym leggings, and a t shirt (I wear dri-fit shirts) and perhaps a sports bra!

    • I do like the gym wear look... and I think I'll love it on her. Might just tell her that :)

  • LOL. You both agreed to workout so don't worry about her thinking that you bought it just because you think she's fat.

    I would, though, vocalize the reason why you bought the gift: as an incentive. I would also buy yourself a new outfit as well to show her that you want the two of you to be serious.

    You could buy her yoga pants, workout tank, and a nice pair of running sneakers (I would focus on Underarmor and Nikes).

    I work out in shorts, a simple shirt, and sneaks.

    Aww. Sweet guy. I'm rooting for the two of you!!

    • Well thank you :) And I like your idea about buying for myself something too. Makes sense!

  • That's really thoughtful. I think she'll appreciate it. :)