If a guy is average looking - is it best for him to do just a basic look/style?

I'm starting with head... If guy is average looking and has a beard & long hair would he better off with a basic guy haircut (short on the sides/back long on the top) and little to no facial hair like stubble or long stubble?

  • Yes... If a guy is average looking he's better off with a basic look because he probably can't pull a more extravagant one.
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  • No... if guy is average looking he'd be better off with a look that makes him stand out more.
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  • It really depends, it's probably best to experiment.
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  • If you feel like what you're doing isn't working keep on changing it until it does instead of asking a vague questions like this hoping to find an answer.
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  • It really depends. Even average-looking guys look different from each other, so there's no one right answer here. If you don't have a prominent jawline though, then you'd probably look better with facial hair to create the illusion of one. Haircut depends on face shape, so I can't say much more.

    • I'm very surprised by the poll so far, the option that I thought would have the highest percentage doesn't even have a single vote...

      I don't have prominent jawline so I can't see myself with anything less than stubble, I going to continuing with lengths (might post another question on this site about the changes I've made to get other opinions)

      As for hair... still trying to figure that one out, I'll get to it when I make a decision on my facial hair.

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    • Thanks, I need to build my confidence back up and than go showcase my new look at some sort of venue or something and see what happens.

    • You'll get there. :)

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  • Well that really depends on the facial bone structure of the guy, even a guy who looks average but has a good bone structure can still keep good hairstyles.

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