Your perfect match, personallity and looks?


For girls and guys, can you please describe your perfect bf/gf?

And PLEASE be descriptive (: thanks! I'll post mine later.

Oh! also, if you don't mind, describe yourself a little bit, just to see if people like ... I guess you can say.. the same or opposite type of them


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What Guys Said 1

  • My fiancĂ©e; she looks a lot like Anne Hathaway.

    She very independent, successful, but she has a respect for tradition.

    She's graceful, polite, intelligent, plays music, and she's a lot of fun to be around.

    See my profile for pictures and my general description.


What Girls Said 1

  • Me:

    I'm shy, a little awkward,artistic, empathetic and random and fun to be around.

    Looks: I look like a hipster I guess. skinny, 5'4, dark hair, shop at HM and UO. you know the type.

    My Perfect Match:

    Outspoken and conversation starter(but not an attention seeker), chill(down for anything), stable (emotionally and spiritually), goal oriented, kind, confident (doesn't care what people think or say about him), open to different cultures, worldly, and I guess fun and random like me.

    looks: 5'6-5'9, dark hair, average size. meh I dunno, who ever I'm attracted to ;)