Does anybody know the exact name of this colour?

I know it's pink but what exact shade of pink? In person it's a little darker
Does anybody know the exact name of this colour?


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  • Very similar to fuchsia, but fuschia is usually a bit brighter.
    Perhaps do the following on a PC (I am using a Chromebook, so I can not do this right now- * .):

    1. Take that picture and open Microsoft Paint which is part of the operating system.
    2. In Paint, there is an eye-dropper icon. Click on it.
    3. The cursor will have changed to an eye-dropper. Take the cursor and click on the nail.
    4. What happens is that that color becomes the selected color in the color palette. In the color palette, double-click on the color and a window will open.
    5. In the window that opens, read the R value, G value, and B value. Write them down because you will need those numbers. (These numbers will be between 0 and 255.)
    6. Each color has a Pantone name and Pantone colors are essentially standard. In principal, you could surf and maybe get that name.

    * This is the RGB color I got for those nails by clicking the eye-dropper very close to the reflected light points because that is closest to being the most accurate color:
    R 217
    G 130
    B 191
    That is "Pantone 514".

    I know that's not a very fun name, but it is somewhat official.
    If I had to give it a name, I'd go with "Fuchsia Shadow".


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