What colors should I wear?

All right, ladies and germs, the fashion-oblivious dude we know as Quandary has returned with another question: what colors should I wear to look best in? I have very fair/pale skin; green eyes, with significant gray overtones; and dirty blond hair. I've found out the following:

Look for: light blue, dark blue, any other kind of blue, brown, beige, and off-white

Avoid: red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple; most bright colors are also no-nos

Any advice? I currently have gray, beige, bright yellow, lime green, and light blue polos. How should I edit my wardrobe, in terms of color? This is important, as I'm updating my polo collection very soon, and want to do it right.

Most in-depth answer, covering the most colors (not just the basic red/green/blue), will be rated the best answer, if it matters.

Thanks in advance.

*dark green eyes, kind of like an olive shade


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  • I would say wear darker, more saturated colors, to contrast with pale skin, I also think cool colors like blues, greens, etc. are good. Try wearing green to bring out your eyes.

    • Great answer. Could you be more specific, please? What kind of green? Dark? Light? Army green? Forest green? Emerald? Lime green? Like I said, I know nothing about that kind of stuff. Thanks again.

    • I'm thinking an army green or forest green, maybe emerald.

  • A green color that brings out the color of your eyes could be very nice.


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