WTF is wrong with me?

I take 10 minutes just to put my pants on.
I can't stand the feeling of my underwear not fitting perfectly.
In the gym locker, people just look at me and ask "wtf are you doing boi" while I reach into my pants to smooth out my boxers and make sure they're evenly distributed.

I go berserk if my boxers fold while under my pants and I can't fix it.
I go berserk if the ends of my boxers drift too far up and start rolling up.

Anything with my cothes that's even remotely asymmetrical makes me feel like I have cancer.
No, I don't have any other OCD-ish symptoms.

Just wanted to know if I've got a problem or if other people can relate?

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Normal underwear actually makes it worse... o. O


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  • I don't get why you just don't buy normal underwear... o. O


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  • I do it too but it doesn't take 10 minutes, just put the pants on and adjust the boxers it takes like 10 seconds.


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  • Ikr but I use female underwear


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