I Don't know if I should let it go?

We been together 9 months everything is nice but he still hasn't asked me out. Everything is nice but I would like to be his girlfriend. He treats me like one but I have the little thing inside me that says if he leaves you then you can't get mad. I'm have fallen for this guy.

We went out last saturday and I spot him looking at another girl. I got upset and didn't say anything until we got home. This happens every time we go out. He then gave me the excuse we was looking at the atmosphere of the place. Is it true? I mean I don't have a problem him looking around but he doesn't have to lie about it. And consider this he had almost the same problem with his x of accusing him of looking at other girls what should I do should I let him go...


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  • try to take things slow, don't rush anything you will get burn. and you will not want to regret

    knowing. he definately has a bad habbit of watching other girls and trust me, if you going to have a serious relationship with him, this is going to big issue for you guys IN your relationship.

    its going to be hard to change change him. it worth a try anyway, not all guys are the same. just try not to get to close until you sure that is what you want. guys don't usually ask you to be their girlfriend, that's bieng childish. just go with the flow.

    • I got burnnnn real bad dawmmm

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  • well, what could happen is like this, guys are always looking for chics, don't matter if they are in a relationship or not they always come with excuses. wich is fine.. I mean, ur the one with him right, not the other chic... maybe he likes to enjoy the moment, maybe he's afraid of taking the first step, he might be afraid of a relationship, a lot of guys are afraid of the answer they might get.

    the best you should do is get him, and have a talk, tell him that you feel like you guys should move to a next level, I mean, to see if he asks you out, otherwise sometimes relationships are better without "labels" I mean, girlfriend boyfriends that's just names that they put on people to tell other people that they are yours, sometimes relationships work out better the way you guys are doing now..

    • Thank you I understand where you are coming from but sometimes hard

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