I'm going to get my eyebrows worked on when I get my next haircut does anyone have recommendations or what the lingo is?

Would a waxing be too much cause I've heard that you can tell if a guy has gotten his eyebrows waxed. Should I just stick with having them threaded or trimmed?


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  • If I were you, I'd go with threading. It hurts, but it doesn't hurt THAT bad (maybe 1/2 of cigarette-burn-level hurt), and the pain is pretty much gone instantaneously, minus a bit of a dull throb afterward. Also, it's chemical-free.

    Threading lasts longer than waxing, too, because it removes the hairs all the way down at follicle level. When I get my brows threaded, it lasts a whole month. (Dunno if boy eyebrows grow back faster.)


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  • Threading hurts like a bitch but it can look more natural. I find waxing hurts less. If you want a more natural look, only have the middle of your brow waxed and avoid waxing the tops. Trimming also works wonders.

    • ^^ Yea, but, waxing uses all that nasty stuff. I mean, 15 or 30 minutes' exposure isn't gna ruin yr life, but, the ladies who do waxing FT have some seeeerious health issues. Especially in salons with poor ventilation (all too common in bigger cities). It's bad enough that I'm skeevy about even incremental exposure to it.

      Waxing is also not great for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin, if those are issues for OP.

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    • I don't recall that; guess it didn't leave a big impression. Noted...

      I don't always look to see whose comment I'm responding to, anyway (I'm rarely paying full attention).

      I mean, you could always just block me. LOL

    • @redeyemindtricks probably about the same time I called you a self-righteous know it all and a catfish. I'm not blocking you because you are beneath me.

  • Just tell them you want your eyebrows cleaned up, they should know what to do just by looking at them.


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