When do you throw away clothes?

  • When it's out of fashion.
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  • When discoloration starts.
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  • When stitches come apart.
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  • When it's torn.
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  • When it doesn't fit anymore.
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  • I never throw any clothes. I recycle.
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  • Voted E. I lost a lot of weight in the past year, and my old clothes don't fit me any more. I'll also be moving out of the country very soon, so before going I'll donate my old clothes.


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  • By this point in my life, I've mostly got stuff I can resell at damn close to what I paid for it. Sometimes more. So, that's what I do.

    Stuff that isn't resellable, or that wouldn't sell for enough to be worth it, I donate to a local charity that does appraisals and compiles IRS-approved receipts.

    Stuff that's actually damaged or otherwise not suitable for donation, goes into my husband's scrap pile. (He's a leatherworker, but also does some work with fabrics)


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  • i throw them away when they're torn... well not really...

  • When it tears... and it's something I can't sow back up (and make it look almost like new).

  • Either when they get ratty or don't fit anymore.

    • Unfortunately, the closer I get to 30, the more often I throw clothes away for the latter reason...

  • I donate clothes.

    • What makes you donate clothes instead of keeping it?

    • There are a lot of homeless people in my city and I just like to help them.

  • When it's torn and I can't sew it. I had some pants that were stained and hole-y, I worked in the garden with them. I couldn't wash the stains out or sew it so they had to go.

    Otherwise, I recycle them. If it's in great condition, I'll donate to Goodwill.

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