Girls Vs Guys, Who has it harder when it comes to formal wear?

( keep in mined variety , comfort and practicality )
Girls Vs Guys, Who has it harder when it comes to formal wear ?

  • Guys got it hard, You can't just where a suet any day / uncomfortable over all / limited options that look good
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  • Girls got it hard, Too meany choices / the shoes kill / some things you just can't to in a dress
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  • I can't pick there to even ( pleas explain )
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  • Other ( pleas explain )
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok y'all, srsly now, this is obviously just gna devolve into a grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side fest. Since there's clearly no point in asking the question in the first place. LOL

    I mean, yr even gna get the same exact grass, looking greener to those on the other side, but less green to those standing on it.
    e. g.,
    Men will complain, "We don't have as many choices."
    Women will complain, "Men can just buy a suit or two and be done with the whole shopping thing, and they don't have to stress if their friends show up in the same 'fit."

    You see where I goes, with this. It is what it is. Make of it what you will.

    • the point to the question is so people get the pov if both sides because I'm sure we all herd girls/ boys have it easier witch neither is true.. so thanks for getting it?

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    • Yep-- that matches perfectly with what I've seen with other trans friends, as described above.

      Well, it seems you know yr preferences and (current) boundaries well. So, the next step is to go shopping. LOL

      I haven't been to Istanbul or Zagreb or HK in ≈20 years, so I can't really point you to anywhere specific in those cities. But, there's a whole internet for that.

      If I were you, I'd specifically go somewhere where you can get made-to-measure suits for a reasonable price. Yr body is going to have different proportions from most men's, in all sorts of subtle ways. Different enough that, after alterations, an off-the-rack suit might actually end up costing you more than a MTM suit.

    • thanks its all good I'm not new to this XD

Most Helpful Guy

  • I worked at a clothing store, so I can tell you straight up that men's fashion is crap. There is no variation whatsoever. Women's clothing can express personality. And the fabric that those dresses were made of were some of the best feeling fabric I've ever felt! Even women's jeans are softer feeling than men's. I don't want to wear the same thing to every event or party that I go to. I want to mix it up from time to time, and switching a black jacket for a dark navy one doesn't count. It's freakin' bull crap. Oh, and before anybody says anything, I am 100% straight.

    • You should see some of the stuff in my husband's closet. Yr only constrained by yr imagination, and perhaps by the standards of yr profession.

      Also, dude, you must've been working in the wrong store... at least if y'all sold menswear! LOL
      Good menswear is loaded with rich fabrics -- at least in part BECAUSE it's poor in variety, relatively speaking.

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    • Hah yr welcome. (:

      I agree that menswear has a long long way to go in the US, but that's mostly because most American men just don't care enough.
      I mean, American women aren't awesome at wearing clothes that fit, either, but American men... dude. Everything's 2, 3 sizes too big. LOL

    • @redeyemindtricks well I'm not American.. so I don't know what that tells ya?

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What Girls Said 4

  • Girls...
    Guys have a couple of choices and they are mostly very comfortable in what they wear. Women always have to adjust everything, are rarely comfortable and usually have to end up changing their shoes at some point.

  • I think girls because suits are easy.

    With dresses, you have to worry about "appropriate cleavage", and then skirt length, and color apparently too. There's literally like an inch away from turning "classy" to "trashy" :/

    This is why I wear suits too lol Fuck dresses and heels.

  • Dude. Don't get me started with south Asian parties.
    Oh man the amount of jewelry, makeup, and the heaviness of the clothing would make you want to faint.

  • Guys can just buy one suit and wear it to every fancy event, whereas women have to buy a few different dresses and shoes so they don't look to plain and get tired of the same outfit and unlike guys they can't wear the same thing as they wear to a wedding to wear to a funeral because we need different colors of dresses for different occasions, seasons, etc


What Guys Said 2

  • I dislike formal wear, that's why I never wear it :P

  • Girls judge themselves too hard and seriously spend way to much time finding a "perfect" dress. Also, who cares about high heels unless the guy has a foot fetish. No one is looking at them who cares