How do I look like less of an 8 year old boy?

So basically ever since the end of summer I've abandoned my wardrobe of pretty crop tops, skirts and dresses and retreated to baggy sweatshirts and any pair of jeans I can find. The clothes I usually wear now make me look like I have no boobs whatsoever, hide my figure and they don't compliment my height (5'1). I've been trying to get back into a "girly" style but it never works, I just look like a raccoon with skimpy clothes. Can anyone please give me advice?


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  • i ve seen a poll here on this side and surprisingly a lot of guys like tomboyish girls. do whatever makes you feel best.

  • Well it could be your hair? Try different hairdo

    • Actually it's not my hair, what a surprise. It's mostly just the way I present myself but thanks anyway

    • I mean use those scarf things?

    • I don't know like that kind of thing isn't common here ( Ireland) and I'm not sure about it but still thanks for the suggestion

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