Guys, do you prefer red or black dress?

I love how black defines your body more
And red is such a passionate shade

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  • Depends on event and time of day and your body. Black is safest and can be the most hot, but red will be if you have the right body, face, and hair color.

    • And what would that be?

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    • Hair face body

    • I don't think you understand. Each woman is unique with zillions of features that make her distinct. What dress to wear is the dress that is 1) most appropriate for the occasion and 2) looks best on her given her unique features.

      Now, if you want me to give a specific answer, 1) I'd need to see a picture of you and 2) know why you'd be wearing the dress, where you are going, etc.

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  • Red hey why dont you post a picture of you in both dresses please?

  • I don't really like dresses but I'll go with black


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