(BOX DYE) Is it okay to use permanent dye over demi-permanent dye?

About a week ago, I dyed my hair blue black with a demi-permanent dye and, although it said it lasts 28 washes, the color already started fading (I barely washed my hair 4 or five times).

I wanna dye my hair blue black again, this time with a permanent dye. So? Is it okay to do that with some of the old demi-permanent dye still stuck on my hair?


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  • Seems perfectly fine: www.esalon.com/.../can-permanent-color-be-applied-over-demi-permanent-color

    No hairstylist but did some searches and it seems like it should be fine.

    Main thing is to make sure your hair isn't very damaged already, not brittle to the touch.

    The reverse is not true, apparently, and you should not be applying demi-permanent dye over permanent dye.

    • I still have some of the demi-permanent dye on some parts of my hair... If i were to dye my hair right now with the permanent dye... Would the permanent dye wash off with the demi-permanent dye still on my hair?

    • Not according to what I read in my searches. The demi-permanent dye won't necessarily hinder the absorption of the permanent dye.

  • Yeah you should be fine since the last dye faded. If the new dye is stronger then it should work and hopefully last longer. Some girls dye their hair repeatedly in order for the color to last longer.

    • But it's still there on some parts of my hair... Do you think it'll be okay? Would the permanent dye wash off with the demi-permanent dye?

    • Yes I think it should be fine. I think with time dye does wear off. Just as long you dye it even over the new dye should cover the old one. I think it will work.

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