What would be a good starter piercing for a young women to get?

as far is i know all she had pierced is her ears and not even multiple earings and she's in her early 20's , she's never had anything else pierced but i want to change that , but she has a really nice thin and tall body , i think a belly piercing look great on her but not sure what piercing would make a good first piercing for someone like her , i think she just needs to get something pierced and then she'd get more into it and want something else pierced. any thoughs?


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  • What does she want? Is she just undecided on what to get, or is this something that only you want for her?

    Piercing other than your ears isn't for everybody. I have a few piercings because I chose to do so and I like it. I don't plan on getting any more, I think what I got is fine.

    • it was more something I though would look good on her and that she'd enjoy , like every other girl her age around here has at least 1 tattoo , their belly button pierced and at least 3-4 piercings in each ear and often a nose piercing too. anyways I don't think she'd be the kind of girl who would want a lot of piercings but I honestly think she'd love having her belly button pierced if she ever got around to getting it , she looks amazing in a bikini and it be perfect addition , I could also picture her with a tragus piercing too

    • You can suggest it to her, but if she doesn't want any then best to drop it.

    • I think too , if suggesting it have to be right moment , like maybe at the beach after seeing other people with piercings or when downtown waling by a piercing shop or something , it might seem odd to just like mention out of the blue so timing have to be right

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  • Firstly, is she your girlfriend or just a friend? That is kind of pivotal in this.

    I do think a belly piercing is a good way to raise the issue, because it's not as if it's rare or crazy.

    PM me if it's easier, or you want some advice.

    • sort of complicated to explain , I guess you could describe her as a girlfriend and more than just a friend. it is a fairly common piercing around here

  • Honestly I think it's a little odd that you'd be pushing a girl to get a piercing if she doesn't seem to want more piercings than her ears, a girls body is her own ✌🏼️ You could suggest it, but I don't know. It doesn't make me feel that good.


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