Problem with makeup?

My boyfriend always asks me why I wear makeup and insists I look so much prettier without it, but it seems like the only time he ever stops and says, "Wow, you look beautiful," is when I'm wearing it! What gives?


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  • My ex was the same. My theory was, I would wear foundation etc when I'm at home for no reason and he didn't understand it, he would ask why and say I look perfectly gorgeous without it (if not better). But when I was dressed up if I was going out somewhere I could feel his eyes on me.. Sizing me up. I think it's more of a comfort thing, once I got used to not having my cake on all the time he seemed to love and appreichiate the fact that I was comfortable in my own skin. He thought I was gorgeous at my worst. Perhaps it is the same for your guy?

  • He's obviously telling the truth when he says he prefers you without make up but when he says you look great when he sees you with make up it sounds like he's just giving you a compliment! Ya know doing what boyfriends do? Making you feel special!

    So maybe you should try not wearing any everyday and when you go out try using very little and go for the natural look! A very light foundation and light liner, or whatever you usually wear, just tone it down!