What is good about a guy wearing panties

I was traveling in England and the hotel lost my cleaning, so I had no underwear to wear. The girl I was traveling with offered me her briefs, which turned out to be the most comfortable thing I had ever worn. The fabric stretched to fit and I felt dry and clean all day. It turned out to be the nicest day, so she decided we should go shopping for some special for me. This event changed my underwear wardrobe forever, and this girl is my wife of 40 years. It goes to show girls are smarter about their underwear than guy, so share your panties, it will make a big difference in the relationship. I might add panties are the only female item I wear- John


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  • I think this is more article material than question. But that's particularly interesting because I find that male apparel (I don't know about underwear though) is far more comfortable than female.

    • Such an Irony, because women have so MANY CHOICES for fabrics, cut, style, etc!! Dresses and Skirts, when it is hot in summer.
      If I was in that guy's place, I might try her 'panties' just to feel what it is like, in a 'crisis' time. . .

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