I used a box dye, for my hair and I don't like it at all. How long should I wait before I re-dye it?


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  • i say you shouild wait like a month.

  • What colour did you dye it to? and what is your natural colour?

    • I just lightened it up slightly. My natural hair colour is brown, but it has "red under tones" so it turned this really ugly shade of red.

    • Ahhh red is the worst colour to get rid of, You just need a box of dark brown dye. but not too dark or it'll go a blackish colour.

      I would say wait a couple of days or a week if you'd prefer. just to give your hgair some rest time. though if its THAT bad you can dye it soon as, it shouldn't damage it.

      Only if you repeatedly dye it (like 5 times) ina few days will it be dreadfully damaged.

      If your really worried use extra conditioner and leave it on for 5mins before washing off :)