I *almost* have a passion for fashion and the diversity in clothing and styles.
I never stick to one specific style. I can dress softgrunge/tumblr grunge and the next day ultra modern and so on.

What's your personal preference? Please do put in a picture if you want to.


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  • I try to build a wardrobe that's versatile and let's dress appropriately for whatever occasion. I like to have a little "flair" I guess, haha. Like I dress up a little for work, still usually with dark wash jeans, but I'll wear a sport coat, and ideally, I like to have some jazzy patterned shirt on, like this one I wear under a pale blue coat...
    Or I'll wear a palm print shirt in the summer, or just whatever busy pattern, I prefer it to traditional patterns, although I'm not averse to those. If I'm doing something important I'll wear something more tame, but I like to have fun with it most days. A lot of those shirts are cut to wear casually and untucked, so I wear them alone with shorts in summer, and usually Sperry Topsider Halyard sneakers in a matching or complementing color. I love sport coats, you can dress them up or down, I slept on them for a long time. You can wear a plain black or white v-neck t-shirt underneath, or whatever color really, on a night out in the summer, or right now in the winter I wear them over a shirt, maybe a tie, and a v-neck or cardigan sweater. I also love cool pocket squares, I'm building my collection. I have a pink one with skunks on it, and I wear it with a plain black shirt and a gray sport coat. It's pretty unique, I like it a lot.

    But I like to be casual when I can, I just always try to look well put together and coordinated. I'm most at home in shorts, and I also wear jeans of course, with a t-shirt, plaid/western shirts, henleys, etc. Just depends on the season and weather. I could go all day, but I'll stop there, haha.


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