Adidas superstar shoes for girls?

I want the adidas superstar shoes. Would it be weird if I bought them. Are they too boyish? For example Kendall Jenner wears them along with others

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  • They're not bad, I wouldn't buy them personally but get them if you can pull them off.
    A lot if girls wear them along with Stan Smiths where I live. They usually wear em with skinny jeans and low cut/ancle socks.


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  • i used to own a pair many years ago that i bought because i thought they had a feminine flair to them. (the stripes weere done in a shiny metallic red instead of the normal black) and they lasted FOREVER! longer than about any other pair of shoes I've ever had


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  • just buy the shoes

  • I am girly! I rather by nike or balleria or like pretty but unworkable heels! haha!

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