What can make a girl more pretty?

see some guys think I'm pretty and others dont.

i don't get it!

it just confuses me,

what do guys want in a girl?

what can I do to make myself more pretty?


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  • Not a guy

    but don't change yourself for some guy.

    u gotta change for yourself and because you want to

    not because you want to meet somoes expectations


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  • The old saying is true: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While there are some things most guys like you're not going to be a 10 in everyone's eyes. There's nothing that you can really do that will make you universally attractive to everyone.

    Ever been to that site hotornot.com? There's pictures of girls that I rated 5 there that averaged 8 and vice versa. Guys are more diverse than people generally think and that's a good thing. Otherwise if we were all after exactly the same things 99% of girls would be SOL! Best thing you can do is to be comfortable in your own skin.

  • there will always be people who do not find you attractive. better to learn to accept this than to spend your time trying to please the entire world. do what makes you happy, whatever you enjoy and don't let anyone else define what you should look like.

    to me, a confident, unique woman is 10 times more attractive than one who is trying to be something she is not.

  • Well it fairness what you said makes sense. Certain people are attractted certain things. Generally be yourself, that the way you meet guys who are actually attracted to you. I personally get very annoyed when girls try be someone they are not in order to be liked by certain guys. All it leads to a p*ssed off guy and break up. Aside from that, wear clothes that fit you, get in reasonable shape, etc.

  • it all matters that you have an averagaeor below avg looks

    then some could go both ways but if you have

    but its 90% one side wen you are beautiful

    some what body

    some need eyes or styl or talk or money?

    its actually tricky!


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