What would you do if your online fantasy girl was in front of you in real life

this is a tough one to explain but a few months back I saw this girl one Facebook , she's a really pretty french dirty blonde and lives in same city I go to college . I never really though much more about it after I looked at her profile but I really did have a thing for her .

anyways flash forward to saturday night and I'm at this club downtown and spot her , then a few mintues later she and her friend sho is also pretty are dancing rate in front of me . I'm just liked stunned and couldn't believe she was there . but since she doesn't know me I didn't really know what to do , anyways later on in the night I finally got the nerve to talk to her at the bar and introduced myself and she did the same and said where she worked but I can't remember now and she seemed sort of interested as well based on her body language .

now I don't know what to do about her after meeting her in real life and she was absolutely stunning in real life , I'm not sure if I should try and add her on Facebook or what and in such a big city we might not run into each other again unless someone makes contact with each other , although she told me her name she still might wonder how I found her so not sure I should try and add her but don't see what other options I have


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  • Well, add her on Facebook with a message to remind her who you are, if she accepts, tell her that you would like to get to know her and ask her out. this is th eonly way to do it. what are the odds to run into each other again? so that's your only option and you ve got nothing to lose. perhaps she is waiting for you to find her. but next time try to be more direct about this, ask for her number or give her yours so you would at least have a little tiny chance. if it wasent for Facebook you would have no chance to get in touch with her agains o do it. contact her and be nice! you never know

    Good Luck!

    • Yeah it tried to add her on Facebook a week ago but she hasn't done anything with my request yet , it still says awaiting friend conformation , so either she saw it and didn't know what to do or she never uses Facebook .

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    • It doesn't seem like she accpeted it , I might see her agin who knows , at least I know what she looks like in person now so she be easy to spot if were in the same bar . but then I don't know if she's that interested anyways

    • Well trust me if she isn't intrested she will let you know! wait untill she accepts if she doesnt, then cross your fingers and go to all the bars around lol

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  • Tell her in front of her how really feel about her.

    • I might do that but I've only seen her once in real life so that could be difficult

  • Add her on Facebook you have nothing to loose. You never know she might like the fact you added her and she might start something herself. Take the risk as it is unlikely for you to meet her again anytime soon.

    • Thats what I'm thinking as well , that we won't see each other rate away again anyways unless of course one of us makes contact . so even if she doesn't add me back I'm not likely to run into again very soon . it might help as well , as we could get to find out a bit about each other

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  • Some of these women are giving you some terrible terrible advice, jeeze, dude here is a step back into reality, you found a hot chick on Facebook, and fell in love with a picture, then you spotted her at a bar, you talked to her and that was it, you didn't get her number and you didn't ask her on a date. Then you add her as friend on Facebook, you don't even know her of course she's not going to add you, she might remember vaguely what you look like, but you didn't talk to her long enough for her to want to add you.

    If I meet a chick at a party or a bar, I talk to her for a while, I leave some sort of impression to where she will remember me, then I get her number before we all leave, and I add her on Facebook the next day and say something like hey remember me from the bar last night? Normally by the time I check my face book the next day the girl or girls have already sent me requests.

    The best you can do is hope you run into her again, other than that find a new chick.

  • Well, on Facebook they have a thing that suggests friends. I'm fine adding anybody I've met as long as I know who they are, maybe even with a little reminding/explaining. By then you could at least ask if she's got plans on friday or similar...

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