Stepping up my flirting game

Hi guys! This guy flirts with me and everyone says he likes me, but he flirts with another girl. My friends and everyone on this site says he does that just to make me jealous. I have two quick questions:

1) how do I show him I'm a little jealous without going overboard or looking desperate?

2) how can I step up my flirting game? I'm pretty confident, bold, and almost positive he's into me. I'm a natural flirt so nothing fazes me but I draw the line at randomly giving him a kiss or openly being "oh ur hot". Because that looks desperate. I want to give him a kind of a chase without being too unreachable. I need to show him I'm into him while also giving him a chase for me. Thanks


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  • Jelousy is not cute !dont do that

    -and just call him little cute names and things

    like that..touch his arm and just laugh


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