Can I dye it all in one setting?

I want to dye my hair. The salon my sister works at said I can't do what I want all in one setting bc my hair will fall out. My hair is almost black. Is it true what my sisters boss said or are they just trying to get me to come in more for buisness?

This is what I want done
can I dye it all in one setting?

She said they will have to gradually lighten it. So i would have to keep coming in.


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  • Well you have to bleach your hair which is very bad for your hair so they probably just want to make sure your hair has time to recover before they damage it more

    • but after it is bleached you should be able to dye it straight to the colour you want

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    • How long would it take to repair itself?

    • A week or so would probably be long enough for it to sit

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  • If your hair is dark, depending on how light you want it
    you'll want to do it over several times.

    Hair dye is generally bad for your hair
    and can/will make it dry if done wrong.


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