Do they notice?!

1) do guys notice if a girl wears something different the ordinary? (like I normally wear jeans, but wanna wear a skirt)

2) do boys notice certain habits a girl does? (like I bite my lower lip and sometimes have them slightly parted making the bottom look plumper)

3) would a guy stare at a girls butt if she was walking infront of him?

4) What are some flirting tips I can use on guys?

5) how do I make a guy notice me, without looking like I am trying?

6) does wearing shorts attract guys 2 my legs? (my legs are my best feature)

7) Can a boy and girl become emotionally attracted to each other from just physical attraction?


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  • I can answer Questions #1 to #3 this way: if a guy digs you then the answer is YES to #1, #2 and #3. A change of pace (skirt over jeans) is sexy, biting lower lip is even sexier and flirtatious, if he likes you he will definitely stare OR pretend not to stare but will so anyways!

    For #4:

    -a gentle touch on the arm shows me she's interested...

    -when she laughs at my jokes...this is a big turn-on for most guys...

    -great conversation...not really flirting but this is even confidence, charm and allure and he'll go gaga for u...

    -move your body the way only a woman can...sway hips, bounce gently, lean in and out and that's sexiness personified..don't be stiff, that's what we guys your femininity...

    -biting lips, a gentle moan, a soft giggle...basically, if you reveal your femininity to a man he will flip for u...


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Some things anyone will notice, some things only the very perceptive will notice and other things only the people who are fixated upon you will notice. All these things you are listing below are designed to communicate something to someone else. Number 1 flirting tip, a smile is the way to start! A smile is not for everyone, you have singled that person out to communicate a special message of affection to them.

    As to the specifics of your question (s). Yes guys will notice if a girl wears something different, sometimes if it is radical enough it may even be discussed amongst them, consider carefully the desired affect any changes you make to your appearance may have.

    Yes guys notice certain habits! Reading body language is something we all do and both a conscious and unconscious level. In a one on one situation (especially when sexual attraction is concerned) little signs and gestures give away your feelings, or allow you to project them to the other is nice to be in control at this point.

    Would we stare at a girls butt? Yes in some cases...when we do it is a complete give away. Men’s eyes have developed evolutionarily to be focused and slightly longer sighted than women’s (this is due to men performing hunting). Women generally have wider scope developed from gathering..which means they can look in certain directions without necessarily revealing that they are looking. Guy’s biologically have focus and more so when they look at your butt because one they think you can’t see and two you girls sometimes show it off well when walking.

    Don’t know if that gives you any definite answers, but like almost everything it really depends on the guy. Neither guys nor girls are generic, each is different and may do different things. I would say the above are only general tell tale signs...guides if you will rather than rules.

  • hello :)

    1) erm supposedly unless I know I shouldn't maybe because maybe my friend is going out with her and I'm like woah stop don't wanna interfere ( even though I'm not a legs kinda guy, I think we would all notice) :)

    2) I do mostly. if I like the girl I would look at their face not blankly but at every beautiful detail/ feature

    3) erm another difficult one (as I'm not as much as an arse guy either (it's face and personality if I'm blunt) but every guy is at least a little bit interested) and me personally I wouldn't want to stare because I would seem a little pervy and they might go off me (idk? :S) but say if they were flirting with me or the conversation was based on their arse: why not? lol

    4) biting lips if awesome :) love it...also if your like sat next to each other touch each other in some way, even if it's by the's brilliant :)

    5) thts how me and my girlfriend hooked up...she thought it would be cool if she played hard to get and started looking away and I started to do the same (for a joke) and she wanted the attention back so she like plead for me to talk to her (just so you know at the time it was a big joke and on the plus side got me the most beautiful girl in the world and I'm very happy :))

    6) even though I have said I'm not tht into legs, shorts are awesome :) my girlfriend wears short shorts all the time and she looks so hot in them :) I love her so much xxxx

    7) yes! seen as though me and my girlfriend had getting into each others pants the last thing on our minds we were/are in deep love and we were content with hugs and kisses and shizz but now tht we're older and she gets really horny (and I mean really) we do a lot more :) xx

    hope this has helped you in some way :) xxx

    god bless xx

  • 1) Yes, a guy will definately notice a change from jeans to a skirt. Doesn't hurt to show sum skin, just not too much where a guy is thinking ur a slutt. Remember your dignity.

    2) Well he will if he's paying attention, try not to do it too much. Just subtley wen you know he's looking. Again, moderation is best.

    3) Most likely yes, but it depends on the guy and the girls butt. Personally I'm an ass guy, lol. Guys will notice a firm or plump butt if they're looking. But the butt's gotta have sum tone and shape at least. Cellulite is a BIG turn off to us.

    4) Take interest in the guy, but don't frolic over him. Talk to him, ask questions and make eye contact when he's talking to let him know your interested. Smile, be yourself. Use your best assets and make him laugh. He'll get the idea your interested in him.

    5) Basically, be interesting! Guys like a girl who isn't stuck up and has a sense of humor. Be charismatic, but don't direct it toward the particular guy, spread the love(no pun intended) around and plenty of potential boyfriends will notice you without them necessarily thinking your directing your attention toward them.

    6) Most definately a guy will notice a girl such as yourself with great legs. It's a major feature guys go for. As long as their long, toned, and firm(not a sack of lard, lol) you'll have guys drooling over you. But again, be a tease when showing off your legs. But not too often or too much. Moderation is key. You want us to keep coming back.

    7) That's hardly the case. Usually when we are only physically attracted to a girl, that's about all were interested in. We might pretend we're interested in you, but if we only have a physical attraction then we're not too interested in you. You want to use a combination of physical AND emotional attraction if you want a healthy relationship.

    Thats just my point of view. Good luck!

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Only if the guy had the hots for you and paid very close attention to the things you did.

    3. If it was a nice butt to look at, yes. Doesn't even need to be attached to a girl he likes. A butt worth looking at will get looked at.

    4. Sense of humor is key. Make the guy laugh. We love laughter and we love making people laugh.

  • 1. I do, don't know about other guys.

    2. I do, don't know about other guys.

    3. Sometimes, if he finds her butt attractive.

    4. Can't really help you there, all guys are different.

    • 5. Let him "catch" you "stealing" glances at him.

      6. Probably, guys usually like girls showing off legs and skin in general.

      7. Attraction is partially emotional whether it be from looks or something else, however it may not be the kind of attraction you want.

  • 1) I think that this depends on how "into" another girl they are...if they are into you they may notice. or they ca be good friends and you may just get a funny reaction. ( I like flipped one day I say my friend in something other then jeans.

    2) I do often if it has to do with how they act to me directly. If it is directly to them I hope they would notice. but again I guess it can depend if they are into you or not.

    3) If they have one YES! If said girl is very attractive I think almost any guy would stare.

    4) I think you chouldn't worry on flirting as much as making sure you know the guy well enough to have a relationship. and if you want my advice I say

    A) be open. if you like what he is wearing say so.

    B) Joke around (But don't try and to hard)

    C) Hugs that last a bit longer then a second could be helpful.

    Whatever you do, don't try and kiss him. you will come off easy!

    5) Use the tips above also try notes. nothing big but hi and talk about some common interest or just something he likes.

    6) If you are sure they really are then no. I truly think skirts are (not to short but not like a nun!)

    7)Yes and that is not always good. I think a emotional connection is better then anything. I think if you were to hard on looks you will get into a relationship that ends soon or is based on your sex life together.

  • 1. Yes, they do.

    2. Yes, they do, provided they have a crush on you.

    3. This depends on whether he had any sexual activity or not and the type of clothes you are wearing. If like, he masturbated or had sex on that day he may not ogle at your butt and boobs. If he had no such activity, then may look at your butt lecherously. Also, if the pant which you wear is tight enough to reveal your butt-shape, then most guys will ogle at your buttocks regardless whether they had any sexual activity or not.

    4. Smile a lot when he looks at you. While talking to him, ensure that you don't look away. Try to crack jokes and make him laugh. If he has worn a good dress that day, do compliment to him about it.

  • To the best of my knowledge and belief and personal experience: (1). yes, doing anything different makes guys notice you, (2). boys notice all the habits of girls very keenly and try to find signs of anything that's inviting to them, (3). sure.. some would do so blatantly and some with slanted eyes, but all do..(4). Tips: be yourself, give them inviting signs like biting your lower lips, parting your lips, using your best assets, talking to them with moving hands so as to show the wrist part up(that's an inviting sign), touching the neck while talking, smiling) (5). Do all the above and the guys won't feel that you're trying to make them notice you but they will notice you, (6) wearing shorts is the best option if your legs are your best assets(but don't overdo it, keep it just at the balancing tip... semi-exposure is more enthralling), (7). Yes, it is possible for a boy and girl to become emotionally attracted to each other from just physical attraction because strong physical attraction leads to possessive feelings and emotional attachment.

  • 1) Maybe, maybe not.

    2) Probably. Guys tend to pick up on all a girl's habits.

    3) If it's attractive, then yes.

    4) Ask a guy for help with something he's good at.

    5) What's wrong with looking like you're trying?

    6) Definitely

    7) Sorry, can't help you there.

  • 1. Yes but it doesn't matter much.

    2. It will look like you had a stroke. Be natural, we love that!

    3. He will definitely look at it.

    4. Ask open ended questions and look him in the eye when he is answering. Make a bet with him on something.

    5. Have you ever tried smiling?

    6. Yes they will, of course I happen to really like nice legs.

    7. They can, but it probably won't last or go both ways for very long.

  • -depends how much he notices the girl

    -sometimes , mostly they notice things when their interested in the girl

    -ya,sometimes we don't notice were doing it

    -be interested in him and make sum sort of contact with him

    -not sure

    -well if its ur best feat then most likly guys will notice

    -ya they can but if they both don't feel anything emotionally towards personality it won't last

  • Of course we do. We may not say anything but we do...

  • 1.) Yes, he will notice you in a skirt.

    2.) No.

    3.) Yes.

    4.) Put your arm around them when you are talking; or both hands behind his neck and look him in the eyes while you greet them.

  • 1. Not unless its really revealing

    2. Not really unless it annoys us

    3. Cause we love butts

    4. That's easy

    5. You might want to look like you're trying

    6. only if your shirt doesn't show clevage

    7. Definately

  • 1. yes

    2. hell yes

    3. yes

    4. idk

    5. new clothes

    6. short shorts or skirts are best.

    7. I don't think so, maybe

  • 1,2 and 3 - only if he likes you.

    4 - talk to him, don't wait for him to start the conversation.

  • i only notice #2 and #3...i love plump asses!

  • @7...yes


    @5...sway hips, bend down to show ur butt or cleavage, collide him...

  • 1. only if he liked the girl, because then he would be looking at her all the time. Otherwise, nope.

    2. see 1

    3. yup. I stare at all girls' butts at least once, its just instinct.

    4. smile a lot, laugh at everything he says.

    5. this question is like asking "how do I get all A's without studying?". you need to try or he won't notice.

    6. yes

    7. Guys, yes. Girls, no. Guys usually fall for a girl's physical appearance and then learn to love them on the inside. Women usually fall for a guy's personality, and learn to love them on the outside.

  • 1) Guys ALWAYS notice whenever a girl starts wearing skirts.

    2) Not unless we're super into you. And even then probably not. We guys aren't as observant as girls.

    3) Yea...especially if it's a nice butt. Although, if she's really short then a tall guy might not look since it'd be too obvious.

    4) Talk to him, treat him special from other guys, look for opportunities to spend time with him, compliment him on something not-obvious, maybe brush against him

    5) Dress up a little but keep your dignity. You can show off a little skin on top OR bottom. Just don't do both because it looks slutty and he may not respect you.

    6) Yes, provided they are short enough.

    7) I don't think so. They could be infatuated, but an emotional attraction takes getting to know the person a little more. You don't really know a person when you've only seen them from a distance.


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  • wow...i am amazed with all the answers but let me answer too.

    1. yes definitely guys do noticed WHAT WE WEAR - DRESS, UNDERWEAR, STOCKINGS, ETC.

    especially if they like you... I get this alot. humbly speaking I do. LOL

    2. yes definitely they do notice when we bite or lick our lips...

    3. yes yes yes... I get a txt or email just praising my butt.

    4. smile smile smile. take care of yourself by smelling good, brushing your teeth, dress appropriately, put a nice lipstick or gloss to make your lips more appealing guys love it...when they compliment you, stroke their ego by complimenting them back but it has to be true.. they hate liars...

    5. take #4 answer.

    5. shorts but not short shorts... unless you're going to bed. you can still accentuate your killer legs with some nice skirts or dresses.

    6. emotionally OF COURSE. the blushing and palpitations happen because we are EMOTIONALLY aroused and we feel happy seeing the other person we are attracted to and if given more time, might blossom to something more emotionally deep like LOVE?


  • For the first 3 questions, the answer must be that it depends on the guy himself.

    At the 3rd question, there is no doubt about it if there came a pretty hot chick, who can resist it? :p

    2) As we girls does on boys, the boys does on us. I always get to hear it from my boyfriend that I do certain things and I am pretty sure that in a relatioship the both gender will get to hear about certain things they both do, which is actually cute. :)

    At the question number 1), its hard to answer it, because it all depends if you litterally change to different outfits each day, if you constantly wear any new thing day by day. If you rather stick to jeans, as you change to skirt 1 day suddenly, I am pretty sure that a guy will notice, and if not the guys, it would be your boyfriend. ;)

    4) Just be yourself, that's the best tip I can give you, just go out there, be yourself, show yourself in a funny way. Be funny and make him laugh, but don't overreact.

    At question 5, I want to relay it on my answer on question 4, because it's all just about being yourself and bringing out the best sides, and it shouldn't be so hard as it sounds like. Come on, if the guy didn't notice you and your personality or even the sence of your humor, it has just got to be something wrong with him lol No one can ever say no to a joke or a good laugh. So what I mean is, just go out and be yourself, and don't be afraid to show him the real you, because being yourself is what sells the most.

    6) If your legs are your best feature, then go on and show them, but just make sure that it doesn't become too much, because you wouldn't like to be having the word "tramp" or whatsoever, running behind your back. That will just ruin everything. And shorts are very hot outfit to wear, so don't be afraid. And with some heels along, then you will literally own the guys ;)

  • 1) Yes they do... my boyfriend always notices when I'm wearing a new dress :)

    2) Yep! Just like us girls notices there little habbits.

    3) No, not all the time.

    4) Look into there eyes, play with your hair, touch there arm, lean in towards them... if you like the guy flirting should come naturally.

    5) Smile! Its the key.

    6) It would make a guy look, but so would wearing a skirt, leggins, jeans etc.

    7) Personally, I don't think people can become emotionally attracted to each purely based on physical attraction... I think emotional atrraction comes from growing close together, expressing each others feeling etc! x.

  • I think with 1 and 2 guys notice them if they're into a girl 3 more than likely and 4... play hard to get not too hard.. but just be quick witted and have fun

    • I have to disagree with #4. When a girl plays hard to get I just move on. It just seems like she's making an immature game out of it.

    • Agreed with WeaponZero.

    • I'm not saying like not returning phone calls etc.. or acting uninterested.. I'm asaying like make it known you are interested without being a doormat! :)

  • 2 ...boys notice little habits if they are into you