Is it about the looks?

alright I would like an HONEST answer guys, is being not-that-attractive a COMPLETE turn-off? Is there any chance?


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  • Loaded question, but I think I can help answer this. This is what I think. Physical attraction is the absolute FIRST step to any sort of meaningful relationship. Don't let anybody else tell you otherwise. There is absolutely no way someone will approach you and start a conversation without being physically attracted to you. Let me be clear, this is someone approaching you whom is single, looking for a relationship, and wants to get to know you more. This isn't talking to a random stranger for directions or an elderly person. Here's the important thing to realize.

    Physical attraction is a definition that YOU YOURSELF define. What I'm saying here is there are PLENTY of people out there that will think you're hot, no matter what physical qualities you have. You just got to find the person where the physical attraction is mutual. So yes, there's a chance with any man you encounter that he will think your attractive.

    I have a sneaking suspicion, sorry if I offend you, that you may not be happy with your looks. You're confidence seems low because your not happy with your looks. Question is, what will you do to make you happy with yourself? Being happy with yourself builds confidence and will open doors to things way beyond finding a relationship.


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  • High Physical attraction helps improve your odds of being pursued, or being able to pursue someone else.

    It doesn't constitute a turn-off unless the girl has completely lost herself and looks like the bum sitting at TGI Fridays, smelling like a pork chop, with a rag-do for hair.

    The more effort you put into your physical appearance, the better. My sister takes high pride in herself and she is 5'6 around 190 lbs. She is currently dating a guy that is 6'4 and about 175 lbs. It didn't affect their relationship but I cannot gaurantee the same thing. My sister is VERY confident.

    Personality squashes appearance 9:1 in my opinion.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • to be honest looks doesn't matter to me...well for at least me. Some guys would say it would be a turnoff.


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  • Looks matter, but don't mean everything! He's gotta be pretty intellegent :-\ That and looks then not bad, through in funny then I'd be happy. If looks weren't included then he'd have to be pretty special