Guys, What do you think of caramel hair color?

I have personally always been of the oppinion that dark hair is more mature, beutiful and seductive while blond usually is more light, flirty and sexy. But I have no oppinion of caramel hair color. Thinking about dying it that way (since its close to my natural hair color) and find that maybe its boring? What do you guys think?

This is a very generall oppinion and it of course vary in real life between faces and personalities, but now we are only talking generally speaking.

Some examples:

Guys, What do you think of caramel hair color?

Just remember to focus on the colors, since sadly I'm not as beautiful as the women above. And I have shoulderlenght hair, so try seing that colour on that :)

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  • Hot but not on shoulderlenght hair
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  • Beutiful but only with a nice face
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  • Nice but a bit uninteresting
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  • Looks better with a nice face, and it doesn't matter if it's long or short hair


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  • hot a f

  • As long as it's natural, that's the only thing that matters to me.

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