Dress styles that look good on all body types?

Anyone know of a style that fits all body types?

I'm getting married and I want to pick out the style of dress for my bridesmaids. I know the thing now is to just pick a color and have them pick the style but I really REALLY don't like that lol I really want them to have the same style of dress and the same color.

I'd, of course, not want it to be ugly, but I have 4 bridesmaids and they all look different. There are my fiance's two sisters. One will just post baby at the time and she's like 5'10 and average build. The other is 5'8 and has an apple shape. One is 5'2 and very slim, and one is 5'6 and very curvy.

Anyone know of a dress design that compliments all body types?


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  • poncho


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  • Something with sleeves with a high waist and a line skirt in a like blue or green shade would be my best guess. Some people let their bridesmaids pick from a specific collection that all have the same skirt length and color but different styles. www-static.weddingbee.com/.../...d_inspiration.jpg


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