How do you like to paint your nails? Or if you don't paint your nails which is your fave on someone else?

  • Different color/design every time
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  • Dark colors
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  • Light colors
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  • Fancy: gems, designs and/or patterns
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  • The same color/design every time (which color?)
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  • Depends on the season
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  • Other/see results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Different designs every time. I used to be really into doing my nails. I haven't done them in awhile tho. This was one of my favorite designs that I did.


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What Girls Said 3

  • i like blue nails/red nails/black nails... not a fan of nail design and stuff... just plain nailpolish

  • for me it depends on the season. the most common colours you'll see me wearing are nude, white and grey. during the year ill do light colours in summer and bolder colours in winter. just depends how i feel really.
    now I've got nude.

  • Just plain but interesting color. I don't like to paint my nails often though I think I might have oily nail beds or something bc the color will peel right off. Whether professional or not they just chip and peel within a few hours.