I need advices for the daily/weekly/monthly beauty care routine?

I found out I don't give my skin attentions anymore
I'm excited to give it attention as well as work
I just need the easy important fast way steps

Thank you by now <3


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  • What I usually do is I wash my face in the morning either with a scrub or spin brush, sometimes use toner and or rose tea tree water after.. let it wait and then moisturize and chapstick, at night I use an oil ish cleanser (I USE TO BE terrified of oil on my face but it really works! Oil cleansers drag out all the oil on your face) I use this also because I wear make up so it literally gets it all off, then i'll use a scrub again and moisturize. I use face masks about once or twice a week depending on what you want to achieve (brighter, acne, moisture, dry).

    • You'd be surprised on how much make up is still on your face even after you wash it